The Organisation

Everybody like's to play at the festival. It's hard to say why.
It's important to take into account of the cultural heritage of the shanties, that is how we search for the right shanty singers. They must have something special.
Artists have to sing in their own language or dialect and have to be good musicians. As wel as good musicians they have to be able to bring their enthousiasm about the interaction with the audience. At the Liereliet festival it's always a big singing party.
We monitor the maritime theme of our festival very tight; it's al about the sea and sailing.
Johnny and Jim started to be our fixed value. Since Johnny passed away there is still Jim Mageean, for all other artists we want to be innovative.
The festival has remained very small, that's where we have chosen for. Hoping to keep it that way.
On fridaynight the party starts with a meeting of the artists and the volunteers. All weekend the atmosphere is very open, thereby developing the festival itself.
"Both we and governance, as well as visiting organizers of other festivals, artists and audience come from time to time with new inspiring ideas, sometimes planned, sometimes by coincidence.

The Board of the foundation Liereliet consist of:

Chairman Jacob van der valk
Secretary Anneke v.d. Wal
Treasurer Jenny Bouma
Members Ankie van der Meer
  Nanne Kalma


Secretariat A.v.d. Wal
  Terpweg 3
  8747 NT Wons
e-mail                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Woodenshoe sailing committee
Peter Tolsma 0515 54 0803 06 28 320 412
Charles Koek    


Without a numerous of volunteers the festival would not be able to be realized.

Together with Strontrace, Beurtveer and Visserij, Liereliet is part of the foundation of Zeilvaartcollege Workum