Open Stage

 Open Podium in Car Company Ennik

Stichting Liereliet offers an Open Podium to unknown artists.
Every year on Sunday afternoon, there was an Open Podium in Scheepstimmerwerf De Hoop at the harbor. It used to be in Werf De Hoop, but since 2012 it has moved to a green shed down below on the other side of the water.

Unfortunataly the Green Shad is not available and we have moved to Autobedrijf Ennik. It has a wonderful showroom which is next to the Green Shad. (50 meter further from the harbor) Same streetname (Hearekeunst 19-21)
For several years Enkhuizen 4 presented this concert ( with Hans Weehuizen).

The first Open Podium was in 1980, this singaround was called "liereliet". Shantyfestival Workum started in a green shed. This Open Podium was started with Johnny Collins and Jim Mageean. Together with a group of Friesian singers, they started to sing shanties in English, Fries, French and Dutch. The singer was chosen by a cap or other headgear. Most singers sang already songs for several years but now and then a new talent was discovered.
Since 2007 the name "Shantyfestival" has changed into "Liereliet" and The Open Stage is one of the many concerts in which we like to discover new talent.

After all these years more and more shantysingers and groups emerged. In every village or town is a group or choir singing shanties and seasongs these days.
Liereliet prefers to focus on singers and groups who sing authentic shanties in their own language.

Meanwhile this singaround, named "Liereliet" is still a very important part of the festival. Liereliet means "Lied bij de Lier". (Song at the Winch)


Hearekeunst 19-21
8711 HE Workum