Onstuimig Schuim

Ruud en de Rot

A musical story about a man and his ship

Two Onstuimig Schuimers, Frank and Kees, sail already for years to the re√ľnions of the sailing Heritage in summer.
In an other port town every year there come about a 150 to 250 old vassels together. They made a lot of friends there. One of them was Ruud de Haan, a striking skipper, who passed away in 2009.
His ship, De Rot, was one and all a tradition and at every event it looked beautiful.
The old clothes hang on the stages and the peat was exposed on deck, as Ruud was singing has maritime songs and played on his concertina.

When he got sick his biggest wish was that De Rot, which he had brought back to life completely from old scrap, would turn back as museum ship to Rottevalle. The first place of berth in 1887 of De Rot.
It succeeded by the help of many. Last year Onstuimig Schuim got in invitation to come to play at the 130st anniversary of De Rot, Frank wrote a music story about it.
It is the oldest still sailing and registered iron skutsje in the world. Frank did a lot of research and learned about the spectacular history of De Rot. The result was a program with authentic historic images and a lot of special written songs for it.

De Rot

Open Stage

The open Stage will be presented by Enkhuizen 3

Enkhuizen 3

The following guests are going to present them selves:



Three of Us kl 





Three of Us 

Ropes and Rigging






Ropes and Rigging























Gaye en Jo 2

The Anthony Queens

Skomjend Wiid

Shantychoir "Skomjend Wiid" from Bolsward ever started als a single initiative on the occasion of traditional party from Bolsward in 1993.

After their performance the initators decided to go on singing and practice regularly. In the meentime it is a close group, who meet once a week.

Margriet Lemmens is the inspiring leader who cares for a serieus approach to improve the quality of the singing songs. But there is always time for a joke and when needed they help each other.

Most of the songs are sailor songs in Dutch, English or German as well as some Frisian songs.

The special character of the choir is co-determined by the composition: 7 ladies and 30 gentlemen. They are being accompanied by 2 accordions, gitar, flute and cajun.