Patrick Denain & Miguel Biar

Photo Denain BiardA second generation traditional singer, Patrick made his first recording in 1981 and is the leader of 'Marée de Paradis', one of the most famous maritime groups in France.
Miguel belongs to a new generation of traditional singers and has established a fine reputation in a very short time.
Together they perform shanties and maritime songs from both High- and Low Normandy, the songs of Newfoundland fishermen of Fécamp and Granville, shanties from the whalers and clippers of Le Havre along with the songs of the fishers of Dieppe and Low Normandy.

They sing in festivals, museums : Musée des Terre-Neuvas de Fécamp, Bordées de
Cancale, Escale à Sète, Nuit des Musiques du Monde à Caen, Escale à Dunkerque, Calais... and abroad :
Workum, Enkhuizen and Terneuzen Maritime Festivals (NL), Chicago Maritime Festival
(USA), Harwich Shanty Festival (UK), Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival (UK), Rosses Point Maritime Festival (EIRE), Shannonside Winter Festival (Eire)

Janie Meneely

Janie Meneely Sings the Bay Fantastic

Janie MayAbout 25 years ago Janie Meneely began writing songs about the Chesapeake Bay, and she hasn't stopped yet. "There's still so much sing about," she says. Janie brings her songs and stories about Bay people, places and traditions to stages throughout the world.

"I grew up on the Annapolis [Maryland, USA] waterfront," Meneely says. "I can remember when the City Dock was jammed with workboats." Nowadays recreational boaters have replaced the sleek working vessels that hauled crabs, fish and oysters to markets around the Bay. "So many people come here now, to revel in what the Bay has to offer, but they have little knowledge of what used to happen here," Meneely continues. "They never got to sit around the liar's bench in a country store. They never got to watch a fleet of skipjacks dredge for oysters."

Her remedy for that is to write songs chronicling her own Bay experiences and capturing the stories she's heard over the years—either as a little girl hanging around her father’s boatyard, or during her professional stint as a journalist for Chesapeake Bay Magazine. From local ghosts to tragic shipwrecks, her songs bring to life some of the characters who add spice and color to Bay history.

Among her ditties is a song that recounts the tragic loss of life when the skipjack Claud W. Somers sank over thirty years ago in Tangier Sound. Beautifully restored, today the Claud W. Somers resides at the Reedville Fishermen's Museum dock and takes passengers for day sails into the river and back. But once the proud vessel was owned by Thompson Wallace, who dredged her out of Deal Island.

Janie Meneely's music offers audiences a glimpse of a rapidly disappearing way of life and invites them to join in on the chorus.

skipjacks : a sloop-rigged sailboat with vertical sides and a flat V-shaped bottom, used chiefly on the east coast of the US.

Jim Mageean

Jim MageeanFor many years Jim Mageean is the leading figure in the world of Maritime Music. As a singer as well as a connoisseur of the history of maritim music. Since the beginning of Liereliet Festival Jim is involved.
This year he presents the program “Transatlantic Shanties”, A history of Sea Shanties at both sides of the Transatlantic.

Ankie, Nanne & Aart

Stampei om de Eterij

Adeweij & Horant present you: preseent you: A colorful procession of renowned international singers from all corners of the globe who will sing the theme from different perspectives.
Ankie Nanne AartWhether the food on board was always a bite? ...... it is doubtful!
But singing about it can be a lot of fun!
with: 'Hand over Hand', Janie Meneelie, Jim Mageean, Onstuimig Schuim, Patrick & Miguel en Ankie, Nanne & Aart

Enkhuizen 3

Three friends from Enkhuizen are already singing shanties for many years, in dutch and in English.
Originaly they sang in various West Frisian shanty choirs.
Later they start singing in “Enkhuizen 4+1” thereafter in “Enkhuizen 4”. In the Coffee concert on Sundaymorning they perform as group with the name “Enkhuizen 3”. (The name of the group is easily to adjust to the situation).
At the Sundaymorning concert they have chosen for a Dutch repertoire.
They accompany them selves with guitar, concertina and some songs with the “bones”.