Adewey & Horant

 On the way to Exotic ....... searching for the Mysterious

The 'ZeeMeerMinnestrelen' Adeweij & Horant have been taken care for their song- and storyprogram at the courts and great princes at land and in the sea for a very long time.
They traveled en still travel to distant regions with their songs and ballads from here to the other side of the ocean. They came to Friesland too before.
On Sunday, October 20th they are again in Workum presenting the jubilee program 'Zwervend over de Zeeven Zeeën" (Roaming the seven seas). Taking the audience in a trip to Exotic places en mysterious regions

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Vincenzo Castellana

Vincenzo AcquAria Castellana is an international musician, performer and researcher. An all around music artist who hold a degree on DAMS (art, music and theater disciplines). Specialized in folk music and ethnic instruments of the Mediterranean area, which he made heard on stage from a very early age. Vincenzo partake his cultural activity around the world between teaching and performing.
Music, art and culture as a free exchange and universal language.

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AcquAria is a multi-sensory experience of the sea: a concert of traditional and contemporary Sicilian folk and roots music which also incorporate Sicilian Literature and Mythology into the performance.
An unique musical voyage through the epochs of time via the rich and distinct musical tradition of Sicily; the music has been carefully researched and selected
to celebrate the sea in its states of being and meanings.
It’s through this display of humanity’s connectedness to the sea which creates an awareness of the importance of preserving the health and the vibrancy of the sea. 

The Johnson Girls

Johnson Girls

Internationally acclaimed, The Johnson Girls have been a force on the folk and maritime music scene for over two decades as the leading all-woman, a cappella maritime group in the world. Believing that sea chanteys and sea songs were the first real “World Music”, Joy Bennett, Alison Kelley, Bonnie Milner, and Deirdre Murtha each bring a special influence to the group. They performed in the 2005 Workum festival, and had fond memories of the festival, the boats, and the race. Whether performing at packed international folk festivals, folk clubs, intimate venues, leading workshops, or presenting school and library programs, The Johnson Girls remain true to their mission of keeping chantey singing alive, bringing women’s voices to the fore, and encouraging everyone to join in the revelry. The Johnson Girls have performed across the United States, in Canada, England, Wales, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, and France, and appeared on French TV.

Jim Mageean

Jim MageeanFor many years Jim Mageean is the leading figure in the world of Maritime Music. As a singer as well as a connoisseur of the history of maritim music. Since the beginning of Liereliet Festival Jim is involved.
This year he participates as a member of the group 'Hand over Hand', in which he joins forces with 2 other singers who participate in Liereliet for the 40th time.



Ankie en Nanne

NA op tafelThey perform at home and abroad, not only in Europe but also in America, Australië and Azië. Their historical-maritime theme's were many times the basic for music theater programs. Some of these they played in Workum during the Liereliet Festival. Thay alway bring humor in their varied repertoire in clubs, musea or maritime festivals and harbor party's, wherever they go.
During the Liereliet Festival of 2019 they perform together with Jim Mageean as the group "Hand over Hand".


Hand over Hand

handoverhandHand over Hand is the name of a group in which Jim Mageean (UK) cooperates with Ankie and Nanne from the Netherlands. The group has performed in many festivals over the years in England, France, Germany and the Netherlands. At the Liereliet festival they will show new songs as well as some "oldies" from the past 40 years.



Plunder 2Plunder is a pirate-partyfolk band writing Dutch songs about black sheep, the desire for freedom and the search for inner fire.
Plunder never misses the chance to go for a big party with the audiance and goes for a lot of fun. With influences of different styles like Irish Folk, Balkan, Ska and Klezmer the five deliver an energetic and exciting sound. Every town, city or village which this gathered bunch of hoarse visits, is guaranteed to be looted.

Onstuimig Schuim

OnstuimigSchuimOnstuimig Schuim English version
Onstuimig Schuim comes from North- Kennemerland on the west side and consist since recently. Their roots are in Workum, when the group came together 3 years ago for the first time. It was Frank Edam who played in "Scric der Zee", and beside that he wrote a theater performance for Workum.

They integrated very soon in the world of maritime music. They write their own Dutch songs and put in all the emotions that comes with the see.
The stories are about melancholy, activity, hardship, fear, dreams and desires and are brought with conviction and enthusiasm. The audience can sing and laugh, but will also feel the emotion.
All the work of Onstuimig Schuim has no time limit and is being shown with lots of humor and spectacle. It's a kind of folk with traditional and foreign influences. Singing and playing fluits, gitars, saxophone, cello, harmonica, accordion, banjolele, cagon and clappers.

Voortvarende Vrouwen

Voortv vrouwen thThe fishwifechoir from Rottevalle and wide area. They used to Perform one time a year at the Rottefalster Sjong & Muzykjûn. Every year they chose a diverent theme. But since the waterday in June 2013, during the celebretion of the 200th anniversary of the Compagnons der Rottevalster Vallaten, the ladies perform at parties, festivals, care centers, jubilea and nautic events.
Also a performing in Leer (Germany) is added to the list of performances.
Outside they always wear maritiem clothing. At other performances they also wear clothing in bright style if the repertoire is theme songs.
Irene & Henny accompany the choir on skipper’s keyboard.(harmonica)

Open Stage


Presentation Open Stage


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TRes Hombres Shanty Crew
 Tres Hombres Shanty Crew
Fred Winkel 
 Fred Winkel
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Gaye Anthony
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