Something for the Liereliet Festival in the future?
Fisherman in Ghana.

Fishermen from Nungua Beach, Ghana




El Tanbura after the woodenshoe sailing match

El Tanbura during the concert in church on Saterdaynight




For the 2015 Festival we found some nice movies on Youtube.

Barrie & Ingrid Temple (sorry, without Jim)
The Workers' Song


Bob Walser.
Here a video of one of our musicians this year, Bob Walser, one of the world's most important experts in the field of maritime musical traditions.
Get Her into Shore

Humor with Maartje & Kine on sunday night in the Klameare
Maartje & Kine - In de media


There is a movie about the fishermen coming home
When the fishermen come home....




Here are some links of a movie from the festival 2014


John Roberts

The Keelers

John Roberts has sent us a link to one of his songs.

The Steam Packet for the lyric you click here.


In 2014 Vincenzo Castellana is visiting The Liereliet Festival

Here you can hear and sea him

Vincenzo with jew's harp

Workshop tambourine

In 1990 Stan Hugill visited the festival as the last real shantyman. Erik v.d. Kooij has made some movies and put it on Youtube.

Stan Hugill part 1

Stan Hugill part 2

Stan Hugil part 3

Stan Hugill part 4

Johnny Collins - Oh poor old man


Unknown year

Johnny and Jim in Workum