Onstuimig Schuim

Onstuimig Schuim comes from North- Kennemerland on the west side and consist since recently. Their roots are in Workum, when the group came together in 2012 for the first time. It was Frank Edam who played in "Scric der Zee", and beside that he wrote a theater performance for Workum.

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Roaring Fifties

Since 2006 The Roaring Fifties started to sing with a litle group of friends. Now the group has 19 enthousiastic singers of the maritime music.
They like to come to Workum to sing and tell the stories about the hard live aboard.
Originally it were traditional songs from big sailing ships and where the shantyman sang his song. By the years they found more sea songs, which told about the hard live at sea, far away countries, and homesickness and desire. And off course the women, the love and the liquor.

In the ten years they excists they perform at many Festivals in the Netherland but also visited Vegesack (Germany) in 2013.
Roaring fifties

Open Stage

At the Open Stage you can expect the following artists:

The presentation is in hands of Enkhuizen 4


 The performers are 

Three of Us Brigitte 

Three of Us


..and a new face is Wytze Hospes

Waterwijs 2


Fred Winkel 

Fred Winkel

IMG 0213 

End a new duo spontaneously developed during a festival in France.
Suleika and Francoise as Duo Ephemere.