Enkhuizen 4


Enkhuizen41The group Enkhuizen 4 + 1 is a group of friends who are active in seasongs and shanties since 2004.
Mainly they sing in the languages Dutch and English.
The group consist of: Hans Weehuizen, Zeegers and Inez Postma, Rob Keene and Erik van der Pluijm. Mainly the group has performances in the Netherlands but has made several performances in England yet.
The name originated as Enkhuizen 4 untill Erik joined the group and it changed the name into enkhuizen 4 + 1. For the last 1½ year it is not possibly for Erik to join the group as much as he would like to and so the group is back to 4
All members of Enkhuizen 4 are active in other shanty- and/or sea song groups. For accompaniment they use gitar, concertina and bones and a lot of songs are sung in acapella.