Liereliet 2018

October 19 - 22th 


Liereliet Festival

Foundation Liereliet Workum. (International festival of Maritime Music)

Every year Liereliet Workum organizes a festival of maritime music, the so called International Festival of Maritime Music in Workum. In this festival Shanties and songs of the sea are important.
In former times of big sailingships shanties were sang to controle proceedings and/or pace.
The festival is always in the weekend before the start of the "Strontrace", "Beurtveer", and "Fishingdays" in Workum, but as an organization independent of these activities.
The festival is always in fall, the first weekend from the northern holidays.

It's a festival with:

- Shanties in the most common way, shanties sung by a precentor or shantyman, with a choir (the audience) for the choruses.
- Explanation and background information about the origin and use on board of large ships about the work songs.
- Musicians with a great conectivity with the sea by work or early work or by research to bring out and preserve cultural heritage.
- A wide selection of manifestations of these songs.
- Original and newly shanties and sea songs written in own language and/or dialect
- A strong international character of both participants and audience.